MITM was created and developed to meet the needs of the youth. There was an absence of representation of a voice and presence for those that were crying for help but wasn’t receiving it from those that were given the responsibility to do so. These needs ranged from education, self- identity and knowledge, employment and housing.

We are a 501c3 organization that has partnered with other profit and non-profit organizations to ensure that the voiceless and under-represented youth receive that which is owed to them.


Youth Leadership Development:


The mission of Man in the Mirror is to expose and prepare the youth to the world that they exist in, but have not been a part of. By introducing and allowing them to be interactive and mobile in this environment that has always been there, but exclusive to them. The hope is that they may take an interest to share and be an inclusive part of their environment.

The way in which this is currently taking place is by placing the youth in mentoring and surrogate programs that are sponsored and supported by fraternities, sororities and private organizations that are leadership oriented and have a sustaining follow-up element to ensure that once they are no longer in the program, there is still contact and interest in the youth. A responsibility to the program is to come back and speak to the youth and share their personal experiences.

Violence Prevention


One of the highest number of regular participants in the program comes from those youth who are gang involved. These are not just males, but females as well. The incidents of violence in the community and in the schools are very high.  We focus on decreasing the number of incidents by educating and practicing alternative methods to resolving these issues that continuously plague this population. We teach conflict resolution and clearer thinking strategies which are demonstrated by infusing constant interaction between opposing members. How this is done is by having events in which they share interest and in order for them to be a participant, they have to leave their problems at the door and understand and accept that we are a family when we are together and hopefully this mindset will continue even when they are away from the program.

The preventive programs include having guest speakers from those who travel the roads that they are on now and sharing their personal epic adventures and outcomes that have led them to be the person that they are today and that they are there to support them in any way that they can. Guest speakers are arranged and invited based on the population at hand. We don’t only have those who have been rehabilitated, but also those who are not fully rehabilitated because they need support as well and maybe they can learn from sharing.
The major preventive program is the Youth Awareness Program (YAP) at Sing-Sing Prison. The youth spend the day there learning about the life of an inmate incarcerated in a maximum security prison. The schools take them to the county jail, but it’s not the real deal. This has been very successful in bringing awareness and reality to the outcomes of the behaviors that these young people possess.


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March 25, 2017


Where you can see all of the things we have going on and pics from events.

March 2017


  • Heath A. Broughton- Founder/COO

  • Janine D. Broughton- CEO

  • Rodney K. Clark- Compliance Coordinator

  • Renita Grimes- Director of Female Development and Planning

  • William Certain- Director of Re-Entry Programming

  • Denise Simpson- Director of Hospitality

Community Advocacy/ Improvement 

The youth who are a part of program have a responsibility to community pride. What this means is that they have to complete a community service project once a year. It has to be approved by the Board of Directors. It doesn’t have to be in the community in which they reside in.
We have participated in the, “Paint Back the Town” in which we went around the towns of Brentwood and Central Islip and painted over residents homes, fences and vandalized property.

We also spearheaded the beautification project which we collaborated with youth from Huntington in giving Wyandanch High School a facelift by planting greenery and fresh paint in the front of the building. This project was highly supported and sponsored by Home Depot, Target, Walmart, local stores, alumni, local politicians and parents.

Students are doing clean up jobs at the homes of the elderly and shut in. The next project is to provide delivery service of groceries to them. Last year, the youth were featured in the local newspaper for cleaning up and planting greenery at the local park in Wyandanch.